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So you are a vegan, vegetarian or environmentally conscious consumer. Vegan shoes are a logical choice for you. After all, leather footwear is not vegan, sustainable or even human friendly. And now is the moment. Your old shoes are completely worn out, you really need some new ones. Don't look any further – you are where you need to be!
Eco Vegan Shoes: comfortable and durable quality shoes. Produced without exploiting animals, humans or the environment. All at the same time. And for those who are now thinking of oaf hemp sandals in some vague colour: guess again! Of course we did not forget about style! Our collection is very diverse. Vegetarian and vegan shoes that have everything a conscious consumer like you would look for in footwear. Just take a look at our sexy pumps, summerly wedge sandals and classy men's shoes.

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The shoes of the future

Top quality and top comfort vegan shoes

There are major differences between average vegetarian and vegan shoe brands and real top quality footwear. That is why Phil Loyley founded Eco Vegan Shoes. We combine high ethics with top quality high tech materials and the greatest comfort. And of course we did not forget about style and design. We also added features like washability and anti slip soles.

  • Eco Vegan Shoes offers a wide range of different models. From casual ballerinas, sexy pumps and classic men’s shoes to comfortable sneakers and sturdy hiking boots.
  • Our shoes are not only completely cruelty free, made of sustainable materials, comfortable and good-looking. They are also more durable than most leather shoes.
  • Schoeller, supplier of our uppers, is BlueSign® approved. The resources are as sustainable as possible and all worker can do their job safely. Any use of toxic chemicals will be avoided actively or, when absolutely necessary, kept down to an absolute minimum and only in safe circumstances.
  • Eco Vegan Shoes are produced in Portugal and Indonesia. The factory in Portugal maintains the European Union labour standards. The employees of the Indonesian factory work in safe conditions and they are paid well enough to feed and support their families. Most of them have been working there for over 20 years. They are professionals. Everyone of them is allowed to follow their religion. The factory even has a mosque inside.
  • The Indonesian factory is an EN norm accredited supplier.
  • Our insoles are made of polyurethane. At least half of this polyurethane comes from castor oil, the use of which affects the environment far less than the use of traditional petroleum.
  • The highest ethics, comfort and style, combined in a shoe.

Handy high tech features

Unlike other vegetarian and vegan shoe brands, Eco Vegan Shoes have anti slip soles made of hardwearing RPU®. All shoes are scuff free. They are breathable, yet water resistant or even waterproof. Thanks to the Ecorepel® finish, which is free of fluorocarbons, even the Swiss Fabric shoes stay dry. Ecorepel® is 80-100% biodegradable. Most models come with Eco-OrthoLite™ insoles for extra comfort and less odour. These machine washable insoles are made of castor oil. All of our shoes are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. If they are really dirty you can put the Swiss Fabric shoes in the washing machine.

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