You thought stylish and neat vegan lace up shoes were self-contradicting terms, didn’t you? We have good news for you. Not only do they exist; buying a pair of stylish vegan lace up shoes is easy nowadays. is the site to be. Whether you like to wear them every day to the office or you intend to use them only on special occasions. Whether you need to look real classy or you like a modern twist. Our range of vegan lace up shoes has something to offer. From the unisex London Walkers in funky colours to classic brogues and smart shoes. All models are designed to be stylish, comfortable, durable and sustainable.

Eco-OrthoLite® insoles and Energy Gel™

Wear our vegan lace up shoes all day in comfort. Thanks to the soft Eco-OrthoLite® machine washable insoles your feet will stay clean and odour free. Much less to no blisters will form. The Energy Gel™ capsules in the London Walker soles reduce the impact on your knees, hips and back. They absorb the impact when you put down your foot, and lift it as you raise it. All our vegan lace up shoes have hardwearing RPU non-slip soles.

Classic and modern vegan lace up shoes

Our lace up shoes are classic models with a modern touch in both the look and feel. You can wear them to almost any occasion. Whether you want to look neat, casual or sexy, we have the right vegan lace up shoe for you. Choose from various colours and styles. From classy black, brown and grey to funky red, green and jeans blue. These vegan lace up shoes are a versatile addition to any shoe collection.

Elegant, timeless, classic.
Comfortable, durable, sustainable.

Enjoy fashion without sacrificing your morals.

Find a pair of vegan and vegan lace up shoes you love, and get yours today!