You thought vegans and vegetarians can never have trendy good quality vegan sneakers, right? Well, think again! It was a long time ago when vegans really had to wear those oaf and dowdy shoes. We have some great models for you. From black and white to colourful, from leather look microfibre to jeans look advanced Swiss fabric.

Vegan sneakers to the highest quality

We make our vegan sneakers to an occupational standard. This makes them perfect for working in places where wet floors can be a real hazard. They have hardwearing non-slip soles and a sturdy upper. They are even suitable for skateboarding, with a resilient sole and sturdy upper that outperforms many classic skate shoes.

Wear our vegan sneakers all day in comfort with the soft Eco-OrthoLite® insoles. These insoles are machine washable. They give extra bounce to your step, and they will keep your feet perfectly dry, clean and odour free. Thanks to your dry and clean feet less blisters will form.

All our vegan sneakers have hardwearing RPU non-slip soles. If you like a bit more ankle support, our high top sneakers are the ideal alternative to traditional styles. They are perfect for playing sports and everyday wear. The low ones are ideal for wearing around town, to the gym or for other sporty activities.

Easy to keep clean and as new

Our vegan sneakers are easy to care for. You do not need to spend money on expensive care products to maintain their appearance. Just wipe them over with a damp cloth. When really dirty, the advanced Swiss fabric sneakers are even machine washable!

Enjoy comfort and fashion without sacrificing your values.

Have a look at our collection, find a pair of vegan sneakers to your liking, and buy now!

Enjoy your shopping!