You thought stylish vegan and vegetarian pumps was kind of a self-contradicting term, didn't you? Nothing could be further from the truth. It was a long time ago when vegan women really had to wear oaf and dowdy shoes. We have some timeless models for you. From casual and perfect for the office to sexy high heel pumps to party all night long.

Comfortable vegetarian pumps

These shoes are made for walking! Thanks to the soft Eco-OrthoLite® cushioning on the soles you can wear them all day in comfort. Odour and aching feet belong to the past. The hardwearing RPU non-slip soles provide you with a great grip on slippery surfaces. Our vegetarian pumps are easy to care for. You do not need to spend money on expensive care products to maintain their appearance. Just wipe them over with a damp cloth!

Classic and modern vegetarian pumps

Our pumps are classic models with a modern touch in both the look and feel. You can wear them to almost any occasion. Whether you want to look neat, casual or sexy, we have the right vegetarian pump for you. Choose from various colours and styles. From classy black, brown, grey and sexy red to funky green and jeans blue. From a casual 5.5 cm heel to a sexy 10 cm (4 inch) stiletto. These vegetarian pumps are a versatile addition to any shoe collection, complementing smart, casual and evening attire.

Elegant, timeless, classic.
Comfortable, durable, sustainable.

Enjoy fashion without sacrificing your morals.

Find a pair of vegan and vegetarian pumps you absolutely adore, and get yours today!

Have fun shopping!