Large shoes for women

Are you looking for large sizes women’s shoes? Discover our collection women’s shoes that go up to size 43.5 / UK 9.5 / US Ladies 11.5.

We meet the needs for women with a large shoe size to look elegant in comfortable shoes. Find a varied range of large size women’s and unisex shoes, all made of quality, eco-friendly materials. Whether you are looking for elegant shoes for larger feet or want to most comfortable bigger shoes; we’ve got it all!

Here you will find water-resistant large vegan boots, large size sneakers, and even big size hiking boots and safety shoes. Eco Vegan Shoes even offers bigger size vegan pumps. All our bigger shoes are vegan and sustainable so there is no compromise for you. Eco Vegan Shoes also offers a wide range of unisex shoes that go up to size 48 / UK 14 / US Ladies 16.

Our shoes are not only perfect for bigger women’s feet, some models are perfect for wider feet as well. Do you want to make sure your perfect model large size shoe will fit you? Ask us at
At Eco Vegan Shoes we do not only make our shoes in a durable, eco friendly and animal friendly way. We also try to serve as many people as possible. Therefore many of our ladies shoe models are made in sizes from 35 up to 43.5 (or UK sizes 2.5 to 9.5). So if you have a shoe size 42 or even size 43, that's no problem!


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