So you are a vegan, vegetarian or environmentally conscious consumer, and you like long walks. You have always had good hiking shoes, but now you need new ones. The hiking shoes you had were good quality, but they were also made of leather. Definitely not vegan or environmentally friendly. And so you are now looking for vegan hiking shoes of the highest quality. Congratulations – you are on the right website!

High comfort vegan hiking shoes

The Eco-OrthoLite® insoles give these vegan hiking shoes great comfort. They are made of castor oil based RPU. Since these insoles have an open cell structure, they will always quickly regain their thickness after use. They are moist regulating and odour absorbing. If they are dirty you can put them in the washing machine, and they will come out as new.

Thanks to the Ecorepel® finish by Schoeller AB our vegan hiking shoes are also water resistant. Ecorepel® is based on how waterfowl repel water from their feathers. Contrary to other water repellant finishes, Ecorepel® is free of fluorocarbons. This is better for the environment. It has the additional benefit that it keeps the fabric breathable and even machine washable. Still it will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Even if you walk in a downpour all day long, or the water comes streaming down the streets.

Handy high tech features

Our vegan hiking shoes have an anti slip sole. These allow you to use our hiking shoes on all terrains and in all weather conditions. They are made of hardwearing high tech RPU.

The upper of our vegan hiking shoes is either made of breathable leather-look microfibre or Schoeller advanced fabric. Both are scuff free, hardwearing and very easy to clean. Just use a damp cloth. The advanced fabric shoes are even machine washable! Together with the RPU these fabrics make our shoes so durable they will outlast most leather footwear.

These vegan hiking shoes are perfect for long distance walks. Even in tough weather conditions or on off-the-road terrains these shoes will not disappoint you.

Have a look at our webshop and treat to your feet to the most comfortable hiking shoes you ever had!