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So you are a vegan, vegetarian or environmentally conscious consumer, and your occupation requires wearing safety shoes. You have always had great shoes, but now you need new ones. The safety shoes you had were good quality, but they were made of leather. Definitely not vegan or environmentally friendly. And so you are now looking for vegan safety shoes of the highest quality. Congratulations – you are on the right website! Buying vegan safety shoes used to be futile. Thanks to our S1, S2 and S3 certified safety shoes that is over now.
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Different kinds of vegan safety shoes Choose between a range of standards to suit your needs. S1-SRC vegan safety shoes Composite light weight safety toe cap Fuel resistant soles Antistatic Energy absorption in the heel Perfect for warehouse and airport workers Non-slip soles that exceed European safety standards S3-SRC vegan safety shoes All of the features of our S1-SRC safety footwear Protection against water penetration and absorption Anti penetration layer in the sole Perfect for construction workers Handy high tech features Our vegan safety shoes have an anti slip sole. They are also fuel resistant and antistatic. They are made of hardwearing high tech RPU. Our shoes are vegan, but that is not all. Thanks to our composite toe caps they are also much more lightweight than other safety shoes. These give you much better manoeuvrability during work. They won’t weigh your feet down as much as traditional steel toe caps. Despite their light weight, they are up to standard. They will offer you the foot protection you need. Whether you work in a warehouse, on a building site or in other high-risk occupational situations. High comfort vegan safety shoes The Eco-OrthoLite® insoles give these vegan safety shoes great comfort. They are made of castor oil based RPU. Since these insoles have an open cell structure, they will always quickly regain their thickness after use. They are moist regulating and odour absorbing. If they are dirty you can put them in the washing machine, and they will come out as new. Have a look at our webshop and treat your feet to the most comfortable safety shoes you ever had!

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